Proper training and awareness of ergonomic principles is crucial, however, its importance can often be overlooked. Employee awareness of ergonomic risks factors, types of ergonomic controls, the variety of potential injuries and the signs and symptoms they present are a few of the basic ergonomic issues that employees should be aware of when performing any type of work. 

In addition, being able to identify the work site specific ergonomic hazards present on a daily basis is crucial in helping employees avoid work related injuries such as sprains and strains due to overexertion or repetitive motion.

Instructor Led Training

The CSU ergonomics program offers ergonomics training sessions for faculty, staff and students at no charge. Office ergonomics training is offered on a regular basis and will provide attendees with awareness of common office ergonomics topics including awareness of ergonomic risk factors, signs and symptoms of injury, benefits of ergonomics, guide to workstation setup, usefulness of ergonomic tools, ideal posture and position, etc. 

Online Training

Online training modules are available to faculty, staff and students on topics such as slips, trips and falls, office ergonomics, ergonomics awareness, manual materials handling, etc. Each session covers basic ergonomics topics related to a given task. For more detailed and customized training related to a job or job task performed, contact the ergonomics office

Special Request Instructor Led Training

Onsite training can also be arranged where an ergonomics specialist will visit your building at a scheduled time and day and provide ergonomics training. Contact CSU Ergonomics to arrange on-site training.


Custom Design Training for Industrial (non-office) jobs and tasks

The CSU ergonomics program can develop custom designed job site specific training sessions covering topics including but not limited to:

– Animal handling ergonomics
– Laboratory ergonomics
– Manual materials handling ergonomics
– Food service ergonomics
– Custodial ergonomics
– Ergonomics for trades

The development of training sessions often starts with an ergonomic evaluation and job site evaluation to gain a better understanding of the job and ergonomic risks present so that training can be designed. Sessions can be held at any location on the preferred time and day. All sessions are free of charge. To request custom training, please complete the Request for Custom Ergonomic Training

A member of CSU Ergonomics will contact you with next steps.


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