Online training is recommended for all employees prior to an Office Ergonomic Evaluation.

Online training is designed to help employees adjust their computer workstation without expert one-on-one intervention. Employees will be educated in ergonomics principles, risk factors for injury and will be shown how to setup their computer workstation (chair, monitor, keyboard/mouse height).

Although training can be completed at any point in time, it is recommended that employees complete the training while at their workstation (whether work or home office), so that changes can be made at the same time. This training is especially useful for employees who have high quality adjustable ergonomic equipment and furniture (i.e. height adjustable table, ergonomic chair, height-adjustable keyboard tray, etc.)

After completing the online training, if additional assistance is needed, employees are highly encouraged to request an Office Ergonomic Evaluation conducted by an ergonomics specialist.

Online Training

Learn how to set up your computer workstation

Matching Funds

If applying for Ergonomic Matching Funds, an Onsite-Expert Ergonomic Evaluation is required (Level 1 or 2) along with in-person or online training.