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One of RMI’s functions is to purchase insurance in order to finance CSU’s insurable risk. CSU opted out of State Risk Management in 2004 and 2005. C.R.S. 24-30-1502(5)(b) and 24-30-1503.5. From time to time, analysis of an exposure to risk reveals a potential for loss to the University that cannot be reasonably reduced or otherwise avoided. It may be necessary in such cases for the University to consider purchasing additional insurance coverages for those exposures. The Office of Risk Management and Insurance may purchase additional coverages, and depending on need, premiums (in whole or in part) may be paid from funds of requesting departments. Contact us for more information.

All questions of a legal nature should be addressed to the Office of General Counsel at 970-491-6270.

Commonly Requested Items

Waiver/Release of Liability

Participants of programs or field trips are required to complete a waiver/ release liability form. If you would like to customize this form, contact the Office of General Council (970) 491-6270.

Waiver/Release Liability (PDF)

For a Spanish language Waiver/ Release Liability Waiver:-

Spanish Waiver/ Release Liability (PDF)

Certificates of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is a document used to verify that an entity is insured.


Many times a contracting party will include CSU insurance requirement language that needs to be reviewed and modified by the Office of Risk Management and Insurance

Authorized Volunteers

An “authorized volunteer” means “a person who performs an act for the benefit of a public entity at the request of and subject to the control of such public entity.” (C.R.S 24-10-103(4)(a))

Auto Liability

Colorado State University provides property damage and liability insurance to vehicles titled to CSU, or leased by CSU. For drivers and vehicles operated and stationed outside of the state, please make sure that vehicles are insured by contacting us.

CSU employees and authorized volunteers in the course and scope of their employment/ appointment are covered for their alleged or actual liability resulting from automobile accidents while driving vehicles owned or leased by CSU. A $1,000 per loss property damage deductible is charged to the responsible CSU department.

CSU’s liability and caps are governed by the CGIA.

RMI Guidance on Emergency Transportation (PDF)



Claim Process

To initiate the claim process please contact Joyce Pratt at (970) 491-1432

Operation of University Vehicles

This form must be completed properly prior to operating vehicles which are owned, leased, rented, or otherwise secured for use by Colorado State Univeristy

Personal Vehicles

Any CSU employee who uses their personal vehicle on CSU business must understand that their personal auto insurance is the primary source for insurance coverage even when driving on CSU business. For CSU employees who use the personal vehicles, we recommend that they check their personal auto insurance policy for exclusions and limits. CSU is not responsible for personal auto liability and physical damage.

CSU employees who sustain bodily injuries in motor vehicle accidents may be covered by Workers Compensation.

Rental Vehicles

Colorado State University participates in the State Of Colorado Auto Rental Program which automatically provides auto liability insurance coverage provided a CSU employee rents from a state approved vehicle rental agency, and provided that rental vehicles are procured using the CSU issued credit card. Use of the CSU issued credit card means that CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) coverage may be declined as CSU participates in the Visa Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver Benefit.

For information about vehicle coverage when using a State Travel Card, please review pages 9 & 10 on the CSU Business and Financial Services CSU Business and Financial Services Financial Procedure Instructions Section 5 (PDF).

CSU employees who sustain bodily injuries in motor vehicle accidents may be covered by workers compensation.

Liability Insurance

CSU’s Office of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) provides liability insurance for CSU and their employees and authorized volunteers from actual or alleged negligent acts and omissions while acting within the performance of their duties/ volunteer appointment on behalf of CSU.

The defense of CSU employees is controlled by the operation of the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act (CGIA) C.R.S 24-10-101 et seq.), and is supported by CSU’s liability insurance program. This coverage includes auto liability, general liability and wrongful acts (errors and omissions) insurance.




CSU purchases hazard property insurance for property owned by CSU. 

Please note: CSU does not cover loss or damage to personal property belonging to students, employees, or volunteers.

Special Events and Insurance

Special events by their very nature are not routine operations. Given that these activities are “special”, the exposure to risk is increased. Accidents can involve injury, or property damage resulting in financial loss, reputational loss, interruption or cancellation of activity, additional expenses such as emergency response. Examples of Special events include fundraisers, graduations, concerts, sporting/ athletic events, political events, conferences, camps and the like.

Our objective it to help organizers have a great event that is safe for participants and protects CSU’s property. 

More information on managing risks with Special Events can be found on RMI’s Special Events Risk Management Page.

Special Event Accidental Injury Insurance for Youth Camps

Some events, such as youth camps, may have inherent risks of injury. In these cases, it is possible to purchase special event medical insurance for participants which generally includes coverage for death and dismemberment. Such insurance is generally limited, low level coverage. Premium costs are usually charged per participant times the number of days for the event.

Please remember that accident insurance is not liability insurance.

Special Event Insurance – TULIP

CSU purchases TULIP (Tenant User Liability Insurance Program) insurance for special event liability coverage for events to be held on CSU property.  Please download and complete the following TULIP Application (PDF) and email it to Joyce Pratt.

For additional questions, please email or call us at (970) 491-1432. 

Waiver/Release of Liability

Participants of programs or field trips are required to complete a waiver/ release liability form. This form can be customized depending on program and activity. Please contact office of General Counsel (970) 491-6270.

For a Spanish language Waiver/ Release Liability Waiver:-

Insurance Information for Students

Student Internship Insurance

Students serving in internships or practica may have some insurance protections and coverages provided by CSU.

Student Professional Liability

Student Professional Liability is an insurance policy that may provide liability coverage for students in a professional healthcare related internship/practicum.  Not all internships and/or practicums qualify for SPL insurance.

Student Veterinary Professional Liability

Students participating in veterinary internships off campus are sometimes required to have student veterinary professional liability insurance. Departments are charged a fee for students to be added to this insurance

Student Organizations Insurance

Student organizations, student officers of student organizations, members and participants are separate from the University, and are not provided insurance protections or coverages.