Contracts must be reviewed by either the Office of General Counsel, Contracting Services, Purchasing, or Office of Sponsored Program prior to being signed. Also, verify the person signing the contract on behalf of CSU is authorized to do so. Visit Contracting Services for more information

Many times a contracting party will include CSU insurance requirement language that needs to be reviewed and modified by the Office of Risk Management and Insurance.

CSU Insurance

Often CSU enters into contracts which have certain insurance requirements that CSU is expected to have, and the vendor or contracting party wants a certificate of insurance to show proof of CSU’s insurance. Please remember that contracts include, MOU’s, facility use agreements, facility permit agreements, lease agreements etc. Please remember that indemnification language whereby CSU is indemnifying another party is not permitted.

The following cannot be agreed to:

  1. CSU cannot agree that its insurance is primary and non-contributory
  2. CSU cannot certify that its insurance carriers will notify certificate holders of any change or cancellation of coverage. Instead, CSU can endeavor to provide such notice.

There may be other language pertaining to CSU’s insurance contained in the contract that we cannot comply with. Accordingly please make sure that you contact risk management prior to contract signature, to ensure that the insurance requirements agreed to can be complied with by CSU.

Vendor Insurance

CSU contracts will also contain insurance requirements of vendors. Only the Office of Risk Management and Insurance can waive insurance requirements contained in CSU contracts. Contact us if you have a question about a vendors’ insurance coverage.