Student Professional Liability (SPL) is an insurance policy that may provide liability coverage for students in a professional healthcare related internship/practicum.  Not all internships and/or practicums qualify for SPL insurance.

Certain types of authorized healthcare related internships and sites require students to have a SPL insurance policy. Professional internships/programs that typically meet the policy requirements are: Psychology, Registered Dieticians, Music Therapy, Occupational Therapy  internships.  Departments are charged a fee for students to be added to the SPL insurance policy.

Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) has developed a  Student Professional LIABILITY Questionnaire (PDF) for students and their advisors to help determine if a student internship/practicum may qualify for the SPL insurance policy.

If you have a question whether your internship meets the SPL policy requirements, please contact Joyce Pratt in the Department of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI).Please contact RMI for questions regarding SPL , or need any more information.

For questions regarding if your student internship/practicum meets Workers Compensation requirements, visit our Internships webpage.