Please see CSU’s Policy on Protection of Minors

Please see RMI’s Guidance on CSU’s Policy on the Protection of Minors.

Education Abroad & Protection of Minors

Questions Requirement Reference Responsibility
Does the activity or program involve interaction with minors as part of an official program activity that is not incidental or occasional? If yes, program plan required. Needs to be signed by department head, director or higher authority.
If no, no program plan is required.
See Section V of Policy
See RMI Guidance – program plans
Education Abroad – letter to program leaders, participants
Do participants “directly work” with minors? If yes, background check including National Sex Offender registry check required, unless waived by RMI See Section III of Policy

See RMI Guidance- background checks

Background checks: Department

RMI Waiver of background check requirement Waiver requested from RMI
Factors for waiver: program or activity is a discrete, occasional event operated entirely in public;
Individuals are one time/ once off assignments
Individual is the parent or legal guardian; individual already has had a background check, activity has a very low level of intimacy – one to one interactions are non-existent/ individual is directly supervised by a person who has undergone a background check
Section III of Policy
See RMI Guidance- background checks.
Responsible Department must request waiver of background check from RMI.
EA – RMI Waiver for background checks needs to be on file
Are program leaders and participants required to follow the Code of Conduct when interacting with Minors on education abroad programs? Yes. Code of conduct should be followed as closely as is reasonable in the circumstances Section 1 of policy
EA letter to program leaders, and program participants
If child abuse is witnessed do participants still have to report activity to person in authority? All employees and others acting under the direction and control of CSU who observe or suspect Child Abuse or neglect must report incident to immediate supervisor, or higher authority and the Office of Support and Safety Assessment. Section II of policy Reporting to program leader. Program leader report to immediate supervisor, higher authority AND office of Support and Safety Assessment.

RMI Guidance for Education Abroad and Protection of Minors