As of July 20th, 2015 CSU Faculty and staff traveling internationally on university business no longer need to register separately with RMI. Instead the registration and approval system has been integrated into Kuali TEM, the University’s new travel system.

For travelers wishing to complete their travel advisory waivers, or to see traveler historic approved trips please use CSU EID to log into RMI’s International Travel TEM Portal.

Students (all students including undergraduate and graduate students) are required to register with the Office of Education Abroad prior to departure. Contact Education Abroad Staff.

All trip information (including no cost business travel) is collected in the TEM process. After the TA has been saved and submitted, RMI’s system will automatically approve travel, and traveler and arranger will receive an approval email. This approval email must be attached to the TA as proof of RMI’s approval.

For travel to destinations subject to a travel advisory, the system is programed to automatically send an email notice to the traveler. The travel advisory waiver is now electronic. A CSU EID is required to login, sign and submit the travel advisory waiver. Once submitted an approval email will be sent to the traveler and arranger. This approval will need to be attached to the TA.

All student travel must register with the Education Abroad Center. See Education Abroad’s Travel Registration Requirements.

  • Since the Kuali TEM and Risk Management approval are now integrated, please ensure that the TA is saved and submitted at least 48 hours PRIOR to traveler departure.
  • Please ensure that full details of the entire trip are included in the TA, even no cost business travel. This is particularly important with trips involving multiple destinations. Please utilize Kuali TEM’s functionality to make sure that all destinations are added.


Workflow (PDF)

Kuali TEM