An employee who is suspected of being impaired while at work will have the right to be tested for drugs and alcohol at a testing facility designated by the University. See Section 7, CSU Policy: Drug and Alcohol.

Please ensure that you are working with your HR professional, whether within your Department, College or Division or with Central HR.

What to do when an employee requests a test?

If within the Fort Collins-Denver-Boulder area:

  • For 24/7 onsite collection within the Fort Collins-Denver-Boulder area contact NOCO Drug Testing LLC at 970-685-4072
  • When you call please state that you are a manager/ supervisor from Colorado State University and that you require a NON-DOT (not CDL) reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol test.
  • Please provide supervisor/ manager name and contact information, name of donor (test subject) and the physical location where you are located.
  • Please make sure that the donor has photo identification.
  • Please have someone of authority such as a supervisor or manager sit with the individual (donor) while waiting for the onsite collector to arrive.
  • Please ensure that there is a reasonably private area – such as an office, or conference room for the tests to be administered.
  • Please ensure that the restroom is relatively close by to the private area.
  • Negative test results typically are reported within 24 hours. Non-negatives will undergo confirmatory testing with results reported within 36 – 48 hours.
  • Please remember that the department is responsible to pay the test results.
  • Test results are sent to Central HR. Please ensure that your department HR professional has advised Central HR to expect the result.

Where outside of the Fort Collins-Denver-Boulder area:

  • Departments can select from either the ATP list or locate a provider through the US Drug Test Centers.
  • Locate a testing facility by identifying a test facility nearest to the work location.
  • First check the ATP list for providers who provide alcohol and drug testing services. Authorized Treating Physicians|Risk Management and Insurance. Please note that a facility that provides drug and alcohol testing is marked in BOLD and a “*”. 
  • If you can’t find a provider in the ATP list please go to US Drug Test Centers. If ordering a test, please order the 10 Panel Urine Drug + Alcohol test.
  • Call the testing facility to advise them that an individual (donor) will be coming in.
  • Facilities may have slightly different procedures. Follow these procedures.
  • For facilities which have no standard order forms please complete CSU Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Form (PDF).
  • Typically testing facilities need to know:
    • The name and contact information of the manager/ supervisor requesting the test,
    • the name of the donor (test subject), the type of test,
    • please advise testing facility that you are requesting a NON DOT (not CDL) reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol test, 
    • where to send the bill – please provide your department details and,
    • where to send the test results – please advise them to send the test results to and mark the email “URGENT”.
  • Complete the authorization form, or follow facility specific instructions. If using the authorization form please ensure that the facility receives the form. (Typically the donor can hand in the completed form when they arrive at the testing facility.)
  • Please ensure that the donor has photo identification.
  • Different test facilities may have different test result protocols. But typically negative test results are reported within 24 hours, and non-negative test results will undergo confirmatory testing and will be reported within 36 – 48 hours.
  • The department is responsible for the cost of the test.
  • The facility must send all test results must be sent to and mark the email “urgent.”
  • Please ensure that you have notified central HR consultants to expect the test results.

It is difficult to plan for all possible situations. If you have an unusual testing situation, or if you have any other questions please contact your HR Professional, or contact Central HR.

If you are having trouble locating a testing site, or having trouble contacting a listed tested facility please contact RMI for assistance.


CSU Policy: Alcohol and Drugs

Reasonable Suspicion Checklist (PDF)

Procedures – Reasonable Suspicion of Impairment (PDF)

CSU Authorization form for drug and alcohol test (PDF)