Colorado State University provides Workers’ Compensation coverage, as required by law, for employees who are injured during the course and scope of employment.


All incidents should be reported on line through the link above. Employees without internet access can submit a paper form. Please print the CSU First Report of Injury (PDF), complete, and return to:

Office of Risk Management and Insurance
Attn: Workers’ Compensation
6002 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-6002
fax: (970) 491-4804 | email:

If you need assistance with filing an incident, please call us at (970) 491-4832.

Incident or Injury – What’s the difference

Incident Report

  • An incident is an accidental work injury or exposure that does not require medical care beyond in-house First Aid.
  • An incident report notifies the employer that a worker had an accidental injury or exposure that may result in a claim or need for medical treatment in the future.
Injury Claim
  • An incident report is converted to an injury claim when the accidental work injury or exposure requires  licensed medical  care for the condition.

Contact CSU Workers’ Compensation
(970) 491-4832