Workers’ Compensation Process

An employee injured in the course and scope of his/her employment should follow the below steps. For emergencies, an employee should seek appropriate medical care then follow the process below.

  1. Notify your supervisor/departmental contact of your injury.
  2. Complete the first report of injury.
  3. Seek medical treatment from a CSU Authorized Treating Physician (ATP) for Workers’ Compensation. This information is available through:
  4. Provide your supervisor/department with medical updates after each visit to the ATP.
  5. Return to Work
    • If temporary restrictions don’t allow you to continue in your regular job, contact Risk Management at (970) 491-6745 or Kenda at (970) 491-4832.
    •  Review the Temporary Modified Duty page for more information
  6. Review Employee Guide.
  7. You will receive a call from the claims adjuster at Gallagher Bassett (GB).  Please make sure to return their call as they will need to discuss your claim with you.
  8. Provide any needed information as soon as possible to all providers/parties so that the claim can progress in a timely and beneficial manner.
  9. Attend all medical appointments and actively participate in medical recovery and your return to full duty.
  10. Submit missed time and medical documentation as required and in a timely fashion.
  11. Review, understand, and comply with CSU personnel and Workers’ Compensation protocols.
  12. Contact us with questions:
  13. Review other sections on this website for more information regarding the process.

Contact CSU Workers’ Compensation
(970) 491-4832