Student Internships

There are two type of insurance for student internships:

Student Professional Liability
Workers Compensation Insurance (see below)

Students injured in the course of off campus supervised unpaid internships for credit maybe eligible for coverage by the University Workers Compensation benefits. If a student is injured on the job or sustains a work-related illness that is deemed in the course and scope of the internship, reasonable and necessary medical benefits maybe paid as provided by Workers’ Compensation laws.

The following elements are needed in order for coverage to be considered:

  1. The work training program or internship is sponsored by CSU
  2. CSU placed the individual with the employer for purposes of training
  3. The training was prearranged for credit prior to the student beginning the program/activity.
  4. The internship is an unremunerated internship with a cooperative agency.
  5. The internship is not at or for CSU.
  6. The injury occurred during the duties assigned and outlined as part of the internship/practica.

Students serving in unremunerated internships at Colorado State University are not covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

If the student intern is receiving any kind of remuneration (including room and/or board, salary) from the host employer, then the intern may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits from that host employer.

Workers Compensation:

If a student is injured in the course of an off campus unpaid for credit practicum or internship, they must follow the same process as outlined in the filing of a claim.

For more information please see the CSU Student Internship Guide (PDF), Student Internship WC Questionnaire (PDF)  Internship Learning Agreement (PDF), or Contact CSU Workers’ Compensation.

Contact CSU Workers’ Compensation

1251 S. Mason Street, Campus Delivery 6002
Fort Collins, CO 80523-6002
(970) 491-4832, (970)  FAX (970)491-4804