An “authorized volunteer” means “a person who performs an act for the benefit of a public entity at the request of and subject to the control of such public entity.” (C.R.S 24-10-103(4)(a)) Authorized volunteers of CSU have protections under the Colorado Government Immunity Act against third party liability similar to CSU employees, PROVIDED they are acting within the scope of that volunteer appointment, and provided that their acts are not willful and wanton. There is no protection for criminal and intentional acts.

Please remember that volunteers of a county or another public entity or private enterprise are not authorized volunteers of Colorado State University.

Please complete the Authorized Volunteer Appointment – Release Liability (PDF) form when appointing a CSU authorized volunteer. The appointment of authorized volunteer requires the signature of a responsible CSU official, such as a Department Head or Director. Students and student employees can never appoint CSU authorized volunteers. Please include a description of the volunteer appointment.

Authorized volunteers who are dealing with minors and other vulnerable populations are required to pass a CSU background check.