If the Authorized Treating Physician (ATP) provides temporary restrictions that allow the employee to return to work in some capacity, CSU intends to offer temporary modified duty (TMD).

  • TMD can be in the employee’s home department or elsewhere at CSU.
  • If a department cannot utilize an employee with restrictions or needs assistance with identifying task within the outlined restrictions, the Workers’ Compensation program should be contacted at (970) 491-6745.
  • TMD may be part-time or full-time, but it’s not intended to be permanent.
  • The ultimate goal is to transition an employee back to their regular position.
  • Employees receive their regular wages for the hours they work in Temporary Modified Duty.
  • If a  TMD/Return to Work packet (PDF) is completed, received by the Work Comp office, and the temporary modified work criteria are met, the home department may transfer the employees’ wages for hour worked to CSU’s Return to Work (RTW) fund. Contact CSU Workers’ Compensation for more information.
  • When an employee doesn’t accept a modified position their wage replacement benefits through WC and CSU’s injury leave, if eligible for such, will be terminated or adjusted.
  • Modified duty assignments/tasks will change as an employee’s abilities change.
  • Employees are required to submit an Injury Timesheet (PDF) on a weekly basis.
  • Employees may remain on modified duty unless:
    • Placed at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) by the ATP
    • Assigned permanent restrictions
    • TMD has exceeded 90 days without progression back to full duty
    • Claim is denied or placed on a Notice of Contest
    • Employee is in a probationary status

Contact CSU Workers’ Compensation

1251 S. Mason Street, Campus Delivery 6002
Fort Collins, CO 80523-6002
(970) 491-4832, (970)  FAX (970)491-4804