CSU has a long tradition of travel, teaching and research in international destinations. We can all agree that international experiences have life changing impacts on the lives of our students, and creates positive impacts on the global challenges we face.

CSU faculty, employees and students travel internationally for a wide variety of reasons: – for research, teaching, conferences, learning, field experiences, education abroad, and alternative break experiences to name a few. For Faculty and staff who plan to take students abroad please see the Faculty and Staff Handbook (PDF).

All students traveling internationally through CSU or CSU affiliate programs MUST work with the Office of Education Abroad.

Whether faculty are taking or leading students or traveling alone, it does pay to be prepared (even for the most seasoned travelers.) The following applies only to Faculty/ staff:

All Faculty/ employees traveling internationally must register with Risk Management prior to departure.

  • We recommend that faculty/ staff download CSU’s Travel Insurance Card (PDF), and have it accessible while traveling. CSU provides a robust level of travel assistance including emergency medical benefits, and medically necessary medical evacuation.
  • Consider enrolling in USA’s Safe Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). The US State Department uses this program to notify US citizens of news, and events while in country. This information is not just of an emergency nature, but may include information about demonstrations, or strikes and other information that can disrupt travel plans.