The duration people spend working on a computer continues to increase and although awareness of ergonomics is improving, people continue to be exposed to ergonomic hazards and the risk for injury. Without proper consideration of ergonomics, the likelihood of pain and discomfort will remain along with an increased risk for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Not only is the proper workstation layout and design crucial, so too is the awareness of people using the workstation, equipment, and tools. New challenges are also arising because of the convenience of the laptop computer, tablet, and other portable devices. Each of these does not place the user in ideal working postures and further increases the risk of fatigue, pain, discomfort, and injury. To improved safety, reduce the likelihood of injury, and improve the well-being of employees, ergonomics must be given the proper attention.

Workstation Set-Up Tips

Setting up your workstation properly is crucial. Even with well-designed and adjustable equipment, if the workstation is set up incorrectly, awkward postures are likely, which will increase the risk for injury.

Ergonomic Evaluation

CSU Ergonomics Program offers free Ergonomic Evaluations for all faculty and staff. We can visit your office in person, or set up a virtual/remote evaluation for your home office.

Your Ergonomic Evaluation

Access your complete Ergonomic Evaluation

Ergo Lab/Showroom

As part of the Injury Prevention Program, CSU Ergonomics maintains a showroom for employees test office equipment.

Matching Funds

The Ergonomic Matching Funds Program offers potential funding of up to $500 per employee to modify existing workstations.

Additional Ergonomic Resources

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